Saturday, August 9, 2008

May I come in?

It's so much fun taking photos sometimes! But I have to admit it's not easy to take pet photos. They never stand still.

With this photo I was lucky. There she was...eager to get in the house. She wanted to get inside my house and inside my blog! So, WELCOME her!

Cranberries - Animal instinct
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robespierre said...

just wanted to make comment on your pictures...very emotional. i'm an american who has visited bucharesti a number of times (best friend lives there)and found your survivors memorial shots, very moving. the kitty is absolutely adorable. keep shooting!

Dana Grad said...

Thanks a lot fot your comment. I'm glad you like my photos!

Moses said...

Nice picture. And cute little cat. But do you have dog pictures??

Dana Grad said...

As a matter of fact I'm crazy about cats, so no dog photos yet.
Thanks for passing by.

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