Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Marta from Stramtura - a woman I met

She lives all alone in an old wooden house from Stramtura, Maramures. Her house is quite isolated from the rest of the village but the region is awesome. I approached her wooden house to take some photos and thus I met her. I enjoy talking to old people but sometimes their stories are sad. Marta’s story was sad. I found out that her husband had died the year I was born.

That day I just wanted to take a photo of a wooden house, happy that I’m on holyday. It was a day in which I felt particularly happy. When Marta approached her own house I was happy again. I like meeting people like her and I was happy I could take a photo of Marta in front of her house. She reminded me so much of my grandmother! I took the photos and then we talked. Thus, I found out about her 27 years of solitude, the same number of my age. And I felt that when my life started her life somehow ended.

But that’s just a part of the story behind the photo. I guess the photo will tell you even more…Just LOOK!

Opriti timpul - Corina Chiriac
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