Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Marta from Stramtura - a woman I met

She lives all alone in an old wooden house from Stramtura, Maramures. Her house is quite isolated from the rest of the village but the region is awesome. I approached her wooden house to take some photos and thus I met her. I enjoy talking to old people but sometimes their stories are sad. Marta’s story was sad. I found out that her husband had died the year I was born.

That day I just wanted to take a photo of a wooden house, happy that I’m on holyday. It was a day in which I felt particularly happy. When Marta approached her own house I was happy again. I like meeting people like her and I was happy I could take a photo of Marta in front of her house. She reminded me so much of my grandmother! I took the photos and then we talked. Thus, I found out about her 27 years of solitude, the same number of my age. And I felt that when my life started her life somehow ended.

But that’s just a part of the story behind the photo. I guess the photo will tell you even more…Just LOOK!

Opriti timpul - Corina Chiriac
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Anonymous said...

uau chiar asa se imbraca? nu pot sa cred - pana si bunica are haine ,,importate" in afara de sumna si naframa :P
Imi place povestea chiar daca e trista. Ma duce cu gandul la bunica mea care sta singura cuc in varf de Burnareasca :(.

Dana Grad said...

Sunt sigura ca mai sunt inca multe bunici care stau asa singure si chiar cred ca le este foarte greu. Ma bucur ca iti place povestea despre Marta. In ceea ce priveste vestimentatia , cred ca fotografia nu ar mai fi avut nici un farmec fara aceste haine traditionale.

Marta pentru mine reprezinta o lume de mult apusa in alte locuri si pe cale sa apuna chiar si in Maramures. O lume la care renuntam inevitabil, doar ca, as spune eu, parca cu prea mare usurinta. Si acest lucru este iarasi trist...

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