Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Black Cell (the punishment Cell)

Memorialul victimelor comunismului si al rezistentei - Sighet, Maramures, Romania
THE MEMORIAL OF THE VICTIMS OF COMMUNISM AND OF THE RESISTANCE - Sighet prison, once a communist prison, today a museum.

The victim was locked in alone in complete darkness for hours, days and nights with no food. The floor was full of water so the victim had to stay half in the water with his hands tied to the ground. The hunger, the cold, the uncomfortable position of the victim was nothing compared to the complete darkness of the cell. The victims didn't know if it was night or day outside, didn't know what time it was, didn't know how long they've been locked in there.

If you ever visit this museum and get to this cell, enter it and close the door for one second to "see" its darkness and to realize that one second in this cell is no longer one second.

For me it is the second time I visit this museum. The first time I visited it we had a guide. I will never forget when the guide closed the door of the Black cell behind us, I got so scared. It was like a cold shower and I wasn't alone in there and I knew it was a museum and everything was over. I knew things have changed except for one thing: the blackness of this place.

Two days ago I visited the museum again. This time I was alone and it was Thursday morning. I found an empty museum, or an almost empty museum and of course it was quite scary at a certain point but I got over it. No matter how sad and shocking this museum is I would like to visit it again. I know there are a lot of people who wouldn't like to see it because they find it too shocking or too sad but I can't agree. I think we should go there and read the names written on the walls and look at their faces in the photos, I think we should remember or find out rather than forget or ignore.THEY deserve more.

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я так считаю: спасибо! а82ч

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