Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Barsana Monastery, Maramures, Romania

Maramures is famous for its wooden churches(Unesco heritage sites). They are Orthodox churches. The wooden churches are a distinct feature of Maramures. Here the natives' woodcarving talent shows up in a display of beauty and creativity.They are high timber constructions with characteristic tall, slim bell towers at the western end of the building.

Every time I visit Barsana Monastery I am speechless. It's like entering another world, a world which is closer to God, it's like entering a corner of Eden. Barsana Monastery is a holly and peaceful place that is worth visiting!

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Anonymous said...

Sadly I have never been to Romania :( But it looks really interesting. I have never seen a church like that ! :O

Thank you very much for sharing! :)

Irtiza said...

i never been to romania either. the only country i visited is india. whatever...

this is a really beatiful piture. is this building really built with just woods? amazing

C ya

Dana Grad said...

Thank you Ingrid and Irtiza for your kind comments. I hear that you both never been to Romania, so I"m glad you can get a glinpse of it through my photos.

The wooden churches of maramures are indeed made of wood, except fot the needels...But there are some old wooden churches in Maramures that are made only of wood, no other material.The needels are made of wood as well.

Jose said...

hi dana, thankie for your comment on ma blog. You've gotta cool blog and particularly i like your idea (ONE FOTO, ONE SONG)...KEEP ROCKING :)

Dana Grad said...

Jose, thanks for the visit and the nice words.I'm glad you like the idea one photo, one song.Sometimes a suitable song enhances the beauty of a photo, so that's why I had this idea. But sometimes it's hard to find a suitable song for some photos.

Romania Tourism said...

Beautiful church I ever seen. Church made up of wood, its architecture would be lovely. I am now very excited to visit this place.

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