Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vaser Valley / Valea Vaserului

Vaser Valley crosses the Maramureş Mountains in the middle of one of the most wild and beautiful Romania's landscapes. The Vaser River is 62 kilometres long, forming a spectacular canyon-like valley, where cliffs alternate with fir and beech forests, clearings and mineral water springs.The access point to the Vaser Valley is the town of Vişeu de Sus, Maramureş.

The journey is long and with several fuelling stops. The train can also fall off the rails, but at the slow speed of 10 km/hour that poses no danger.


Dan said...

heheee.. foarte fain! Amintiri frumoase de pe Valea Vaserului... (varianta proprie, pe care deja o stii)

Ioan Ivaşcu said...

salutare,dana! esti o mare specialista in ceea ce priveste fotografia!

Peter said...

lovely. lovely.. simply lovely..!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures dana. Your country got a lot of themes and i like particulary the houses.

Photos by DANA GRAD ©All rights reserved.

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